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Altorvox is an Independent Financial Advisory Practice, complemented by a dedicated team of IFA’s (Independent Financial Advisors).

Our name reflects our collaborative approach, being from its Latin roots (Altor) meaning to advocate and protect, and, (vox) meaning to voice and appoint.

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Altorvox is an Independent Financial Advisory Practice, complimented by a dedicated team of IFA’s (Independent Financial Advisors).

What our clients have to say

  • Gordon Reid

    "Analysis was in-depth and comprehensive - phenomenal. The feeling I got was that hours had been spent on it, and care had been taken. Spoke to me in my language, taken all of my variables into account. Visual presentation was informative and tailored specifically to us, and presented in a way that we understood. Comparisons were vast and explained correctly – research of products had been done and specifically tailored to us. All options considered due to the independence of Altorvox. In layman language and explained in such a way that my wife and myself both understood and could agree on things. "

    Gordon Reid
  • Dave Wilson

    "Personal assistance with genuine care for your wellbeing "

    Dave Wilson
  • Quinton Potgieter

    "You'll be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and professional team to guide you through the challenges of financial affairs. Highly recommended you get in touch and see what they can do for you".

    Quinton Potgieter
  • Katrin Kitlas

    "Keegan, Kim and the rest of the team are absolutely FANTASTIC!"

    Katrin Kitlas
  • Danielle Barrie-Smith

    "I have been with Altorvox for 7 years and have received the best if Advice, service and security. Nothing is too much trouble and I sleep soundly at night knowing that my family and my finances are in the BEST hands!"

    Danielle Barrie-Smith
  • Stefan Coetzee

    "These guys and girls are always just a phone call away! Great service and always very informative!"

    Stefan Coetzee
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